Practice is a Seoul-based
design studio focusing on
brand identity and development,
printed matter and more.
Founded by Yoon Seok Yoo
in 2011, we have been fortunate
enough to work with fantastic
individuals and organizations
in art, culture, education, and
corporate fields.

Trough Project I
Developing Identity for Trough Project. As the first exhibition of series, sculptor Ahn Kyuchul's clay pieces are placed in the unique trough-shape structures at Goethe Institut, Seoul. Mar 6–Jun 6, Curated by Kim Sungwon.
2013, Arts, Identities, Print, Exhibition

Dubakoo Bicycle Gallery
The first issue of serial leaflet introducing LS Networks' rare bicycle collection.
2013, Culture, Print

신문박물관 Presseum
Designing museum publications including multi-lingual brochures and mini catalogue.
2013, Culture, Education, Print

신문박물관 Presseum
Designing museum application including business cards, tickets and coupon, and gift items.
2012, Identities, Merchandise, Print

신문박물관 Presseum
Developing identity system, exhibition graphics, signage, and print applications for Presseum, the museum of Korean newspaper and its histories. Design: Practice and Workroom / Photography: Kim Yongkwan
2012, Culture, Education, Identities, Print, Signage

Broken. But...
Poster and leaflet for artist Kim Heejung's solo exhibition. 
Nov 11–Dec 18, Trunk Gallery, Seoul.
2012, Arts, Print

Art Monthly
Invitations for Kwon Namhee's solo exhibition. 4 cards varied with diminishing color shades. 
Aug 17–30, 2012. Alternative Space Noon.
2012, Arts, Print, Exhibition

Green Lily Project

Design invitation for MCM Haus London. Lily Pattern by Richard Wood, curated by SUUM Project.

2012, Arts, Culture, Print

Timeless Journey: Hand Made Time

Design identity and communication items for MCM Haus Hong Kong. Artists Rhee Jaye and Torsten Lauschmann, curated by SUUM Project.

2012, Arts, Culture, Identities, Print

외눈으로 보는 세상

Invitation and leaflet design for the artist Kwon Namhee's solo exhibition.

Mar 9–Apr 27, 2012. Gallery Su, Seoul.

2012, Arts, Print
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