Practice is a Seoul-based
design studio focusing on
brand identity and development,
printed matter and more.
Founded by Yoon Seok Yoo
in 2011, we have been fortunate
enough to work with fantastic
individuals and organizations
in art, culture, education, and
corporate fields.

Debris Debris
Exhibition catalog of Kyung Hyun Soo. Jan 25–Apr 19, Shinsegae Art Wall.
2015, Art, Print, Exhibiton

Chang Ucchin Museum of Art
Children’s workbooks and an exhibition guide for educational program of the Chang Ucchin Museum of Art.
2015, Print, Education

There is no there there
Printed matter for Kim Hyun Jung’s solo exhibition. Nov 20–Dec 12, Gallery Zandari.
2014, Art, Print, Exhibition

Exhibition catalog for KDK (Kim Do Kyun). Oct 21–Jan 11, 2015, Shinsegae Art Wall.
2014, Art, Print, Exhibition

공간사랑 컨템포러리 프로젝트
Developing identities for the National Contemporary Dance Company’s Gongan Sarang trilogy: 1) Oblique Space, 2) Still be Choreography, and 3) The Decisive Moments.
2014, Identity, Print, Exhibition

Divided Landscape
Printed matter for Jo Kyusungs solo exhibition. Oct 16–Nov 17, Gallery Zandari.
2014, Art, Print, Exhibition

Less Cars Better City
Poster design for the 5th Heritage Tomorrow Project, an architectural competition and workshop organized by Arumjigi Foundation.
2014, Architecture, Identity, Print

Expanding Experiences in Art
Forum identity and printed matter. An International Forum co-hosted by Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art and Gwangju Biennale Foundation. Sep 2–4, Seoul and Gwangju.
2014, Identities, Print

Ernst Gamperl
Exhibition catalog of Ernst Gamperl, a renowned master craftsman and sculptural artist. 
Sep 2–Jan 21, 2015, Shinsegae Gallery in Seoul, Busan, Incheon and Gwangju.
2014, Print, Exhibition

Why Biennial? Why Associate?
Poster, leaflet and other application for the conference and general assembly of the International Biennial Association. Jul 11–12, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.
2014, Print
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