Practice is a Seoul-based
design studio focusing on
brand identity and development,
printed matter and more.
Founded by Yoon Seok Yoo
in 2011, we have been fortunate
enough to work with fantastic
individuals and organizations
in art, culture, education, and
corporate fields.

서양 활자의 역사
Korean edition of Printing Types: Their Histroy, Forms and Use, Volume 1 by Daniel Berkeley Updike. Published by National Hanguel Museum and produced by Practice.
2016, Book, Practice

쪽 번호 달력
Page-a-day calendar 2017. Crowdfunding project through
2016, Practice

P bag 2016
Studios 5th anniversary tote.
2016, Practice

P bag 2015
Studios 4th anniversary tote.
2015, Practice

P bag 2014
Graphic tote for celebrating studio’s 3rd anniversary.
2014, Practice

P bag 2013
Graphic tote for celebrating studio's 2nd anniversary.
2013, Practice

P montage
Shuffling graphic motifs from our past projects. P montage has been applied for studio window decal and other promotional pieces.
2012, Practice
P bag

A custom tote to celebrate studio's one-year anniversary. 

2012, Practice