Practice is a Seoul-based
design studio focusing on
brand identity and development,
printed matter and more.
Founded by Yoon Seok Yoo
in 2011, we have been fortunate
enough to work with fantastic
individuals and organizations
in art, culture, education, and
corporate fields.

Night Walk
Cover art for Aggudles digital single and the concert poster.
2017, Album, Music

세종예술시장 소소
Graphic refreshment for Sejong Art Market. Apr 15–Nov 4, Sejong Center.
2017, Identities, Culture

Walk in the Light
Catalog for solo exhibition of Park Seon Ghi, Mar 27–Jul 9, Moa Museum.
2017, Art, Print, Exhibition

Arko Art Center
Booklet on facilities and programs of the center. Korean and English editions.
2017, Art, Print

Children’s Museum
2017, Poster, Signage
문학과사회 117
Issue 117, Spring 2017. Published by Moonji.
2017, Magazine
Printed matter for series of Gugak performances. Mar 11–May 27, Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater.
2017, Identity, Culture, Print

The 11th Gwangju Biennale
Biennale report of The Eighth Climate: What Does Art Do? Sep 2–Nov 6, 2016, Gwangju.
2017, Book

Project Exhibition
Leaflet for exhibition of Bae Young-Whan. Feb 14–Mar 15, Boontheshop Cheongdam.
2017, Art, Print, Exhibition

서양 활자의 역사
Korean edition of Printing Types: Their Histroy, Forms and Use, Volume 1 by Daniel Berkeley Updike. Published by National Hanguel Museum and produced by Practice.
2016, Book, Practice
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